Can I use a normal TENS Machine for my labour pain?


No. Labour TENS machines have been specifically designed for use during labour. The electrodes are much larger, hence more comfortable to have on for long periods of time.  The programmes are pre-set so it is easier to use and less adjustments are needed. A Labour TENS machine also has a booster button to increase/decrease the frequency to a higher/lower intensity instantaneously without lagging. This booster button is specifically designed to reduce the intense pain during each contraction.


Will I cope with labour just on a labour TENS machine alone?


Each individual’s experiences and perceptions of pain are very different, and how well we cope with it is also very different. Therefore a labour TENS machine can work extremely well for some people, helping them get through all 3 stages of labour using the labour TENS alone, whilst others may find that they need other forms of pain relieving techniques or drugs to help them towards the end.

Overall, the majority of those who have used a labour TENS machine were very satisfied with the results. Particularly because the TENS machine gave them another pain relieving technique to help with the birth of their child.


Can I still have a bath or a shower?


Yes, but NOT with the electrode pad or the TENS Machines still on you back. You must remove the whole device first as you run the risk of getting an electric shock.

The electrode pads provided are re-useable, so once you have removed it from your back, place it back on to the plastic film that it came in (so remember not to throw that away!). If you want to use it again remember to wipe your skin dry and then reapply it on to your back.


Do hospitals have Labour TENS machines?


Most hospitals do not supply Labour TENS machines as they prefer that you hire the machine externally.

This way you can have it at home well before labour starts so you can practice and familiarise yourself with the device.

Labour TENS has been proven to be more effective when introduced at the earlier stages of labour, not when you are already in a stressful situation upon arrival at the hospital.


When should I hire the TENS machine?


Once you have decided that you would like to utilise a TENS machine in your birthing plan, please place an order via the internet or phone No Later than 3 weeks before your Estimated Due Date. If you have placed an order before such time we will be able to guarantee that the TENS machine will arrive to you at 37 weeks gestation.

If you are more than 37 weeks please contact us immediately by Phone or Mobile and we will try to deliver one to you as soon as possible.  



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